By Desmond Osasuyi

The dynamic nature of man has continuously driven the world in different levels of advancement for the purpose of satisfaction and easy life. Man is always on the go, hence creating means to cut cost and maintaining a higher level of satisfaction. Example is the e-book, which now runs pari Passu with the conventional hard book; and no doubt e-book has become a darling to many due to its advantages. Here are five advantages of e-books:

EASY ACCESS: Imagine driving or walking to the library or book store to get books, you stay in queues and at the end somebody has bought the book, or you forgot your wallet or library card at home, what a disappointment. But with e-book, getting it is easy, no queues, no driving or walking. Here you just have unlimited access with ease to millions of books.

ONE STORE DEVICE: Like a one stop store, it makes life so fun, easier and comfortable with e-books because our space and time is now being managed with ease. We no longer need big shelves to house or store our books. E-books, with a single device, we can store or have thousands with just a click. Imagine the space printed books would have consumed. Also no more dusty shelves to clean or termite’s threat to books.

QUICK AND EASY TO UPDATE: With just a click, Authors and Publishers update their e-books with ease anytime. No hassles, or recalling printed work for update. Instant update in e-books get to readers in no time, but this is not so with printed books.

EASY TO SHARE: At your finger tip, you can buy, send, gift or share thousands of e-books with somebody in another country or continent with little or no cost. But imagine a printed book or material, it will cost time, energy and huge amount of money post via post office or courier services.

EYES FRIENDLY: A beautiful and unique feature of e-books is the eye friendly features whereby brightness and font size can be adjusted to suit you eyes. But these features are absent in printed books.

From the above we can see that it is more convenient, easy to manage e-books. You don’t have to worry about few copies available, and it’s cheap and secure. So try get an e-book today and feel the experience.

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