by Helen Ajubo

Helen Ajubo

Did you know? Reading for as little as 6 minutes can reduce stress by up to 60%, slow heart rate, ease muscle tension, and alter your state of mind.

Reading fiction improves brain function on a variety of levels. It is the best way to calm the mind. Reading for as short as 6 minutes is enough to distract you from the stress of everyday life, and take you to an altered world of consciousness. How possible is that, you may ask. Studies show that while your brain is engaged in a story, your heart rate slows down and muscles relax. Reading fiction particularly, fully engages the mind and imagination. Any good story will make the reader focused, and when the brain is fully focused on a single task,  the mind relaxes and stress is eliminated. 

Reading fiction helps to heal the world. The more fiction you read, the more you become better at empathy and understanding others. This translates to improved social skills. Well-honed social skills can increase your happiness and give you a better outlook on life. This goes further to reduce the negative effects of stress and boost your self-esteem.

Reading Fiction helps you sleep better
What other way is there to be well-rested than to have a good sleep?

When the mind is disengaged from the troubles of life, the entire body feels relaxed. Hence, a perfect environment for sound sleep has been created.

Cultivating the habit of reading a book of fiction at bedtime is a perfect sleep ritual that will help you build up a consistent sleep pattern. Reading a book last thing at night is also a great way of completely disengaging you from the tasks and burdens of the day.

Looking for books to help you relax and unwind? Here are some books that are written by Stan Brodrick’E that will draw you into the world of the characters, and help you relax before you drift off. click this link Ada, the African Child.

A page from “Ada, the African Child”

Others are:

“Pursuit of Power”, “Carrier of the Goatskin” etc.

I hope you take your medicine daily. Cheers.