The arrival of Thiago gave a lot of joy to Chelsea fans because we suffered too much last season from the poor display at the back. But Thiago alone cannot fix the problem. While his experience and leadership should count, he will need a level-headed, experienced, and dependable partner at the heart of the defense.

That is where, for me, Captain Azpilicueta comes into play. Last season we saw him impress in a three-man defense as he did under Antonio Conte. I think Super Frank should play him in a two-man central defense with Thiago Silva.

Having a backline consisting of James, Cesar, Thiago, and Chilwell look solid. Why am I moving Cesar to the center of defense?

I still have fond memories of our heroic goalscoring defender: Ivanovic. However, as he grew into his thirties, the fullback role became a problem as he was often exploited by faster and skillful boys. The end of the story was that he left.

Last season, we saw Cesar almost reminding us of the end of Ivanovic at times. God bless his soul; he regained his composure and fought to the end of the season.

With the emergence of faster and younger players in the league, I don’t want his lack of pace and youth to become a problem, especially with James in the team. James is very good and should be the first choice right fullback, while Cesar is moved to central defense alongside Thiago Silva.

What do you think about Captain Azpilicueta in central defense?