Good day friends. In the next few weeks you can read my latest book on Amazon Kindle for free. It is titled AZIMA. However, before I start to post I want to dedicate this book to a patriach of African literature…

This story is in memory of the literary icon, Chinua Achebe. I can still hear his words…

The Author of Things Fall Apart

The Sage of our age
An eagle with ego identity
Whose identity is undeniably rooted
in the African heritage.
Mounted our mountain
Thereupon landed on our land
The prophet whose potent words went unheeded
Proclaiming things fall apart…
Thereupon worked the way to the life after, leaving
where there was once a country.
A country loved, spurring hearts
to love and be endeared with even in life after.
Chinua Achebe, a colossus, a patriarch of African literature
who walked amongst the lowliest and mightiest with grave humility.
I hail thee!