*** As He Storms Morgan Smart Development Foundation Holiday Reading Club

*** Calls On Students To Shun Social Vices, Donates Copies Of His Book

An author, Mr Dennis Otu has decried what he described as declining reading culture in Nigeria and said it must be revived now before things got out of control

Giving a motivational talk when he made a special appearance at the Morgan Smart Development Foundation Holiday Reading Club in Warri, Delta State, On Wednesday, April 20th, 2022 where over 30 students drawn from different schools are reading his book, DORA for the Easter holiday, the author lamented the decline in the reading culture in the country and said that it should be revived.

Speaking to the Students who were highly elated over his special appearance, the author said that; “Am so glad to be here today to meet with you one on one. It is not easy these days in this our crazy world to gather young people like you to come and read together during holidays. Young ones are chasing so many things at a time nowadays, but reading is not one of the things that they are pursuing and this is very bad”.

“We are being told now that education is a scam, do not let them fool you, please do not believe this school of thought. We must be educated because education is still the key to have a good country and to get our economy strong once again. So many things are just going wrong in our society today, but I want to tell you people to keep your heads high. There is still hope for us and our country, but we must work hard in order for things not to get out of control”, the author said.

Mr Otu advised that; “Let us acquire knowledge every day. We must read at all times. Television and phones are good, but we must not allow them to occupy us to the extent of forgetting our books. Read all the time to broaden your knowledge. Education is powerful and can open many doors for you and so we must continue to read”.

“Reading Culture is declining very fast in Nigeria and this is not good at all. We must revive reading culture. We should be exchanging novels and other books among ourselves to promote the reading culture. We must create out the time to read. We must read at least one book every week. This is where I must commend Morgan Smart Development Foundation ( MSDF) for providing this opportunity for students like you to read aggressively together, especially during holidays”, he stated.

According to him; “Today, you are reading DORA, written by me and I will be so happy to read in the future something written by you people. We must read and write books about happening in our society. Our society has gone crazy and terrible things are happening every day”.

He explained that;”My book, DORA x-rays the decadent culture in our modern Nigerian society. No electricity, No education ( ASUU is aways on strike), cost of living is rising everyday, prostitution is on the increase, morally bankrupt people everywhere, Corruption is ruining the nation, drug addicts are everywhere, no water, no employment, churches are springing up everywhere but crime is on the increase, Rapists are everywhere, Ritualists are having field days. Bandits, Kidnappers and terrorists are sending many to their early Graves, liars and cheaters are not helping matters, our hospitals are now mere consulting clinics. Our roads and airports are not safe. What about the Railway? I can go on and on”.

But he further advised that; “Let us not despair. Let us keep hope alive and look beyond what is happening now in our country. Hold on to your dreams. Do not give up on yourself. Shun cultism, say no to crime because it doesn’t pay; read books. Don’t get yourself into this Yahoo plus stuff. Avoid social vices. Certainly, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks and God bless”.

Dr Omawumi Evelyn Atsiangbe Urhobo, Founder/CEO, MSDF, explained that; “We are using the book, DORA by Dennis Otu because it is very educative”

“Since the MSDF scholars are on holidays, they are requested to come to the library once or twice a week ( to be agreed upon) to read the very interesting and educative Prose donated to the library few years ago by the author of DORA, Mr Dennis Otu”, she said.

According to her; “DORA is a Short, racy and a tightly woven story that x-rays the decadent culture of an emergent modern Nigerian society. Why the Prose, DORA? The Story is a good attempt at teaching good modesty and hard work. Teaches morals and virtue of self determination and also dignity. The reading session will help to motivate the scholars to read, think, and see life in a positive way and help them to make good decisions. At the end of the reading sessions, there will be discussions, interactive sessions, questions/answers and recreational indoor games will follow. The Reading Sessions will be moderated by staff of Morgan Smart Development Foundation. (MSDF).

Omasan Eyikimighan, Manager MSDF said that; ” Thank you so much for your support, we really appreciate the personal touch you put into this. It is not everyday our children get to meet a popular and inspirational author like you. We are very sure you have made lasting impression on them. God Bless you”.

Highpoints of the ceremony were donation of additional copies of the book, DORA to the library of Morgan Smart Development Foundation and photo sessions with the students and staff of the Foundation.